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About RPO - Selecting the right partner

Checklist: Selecting the right RPO partner

A strong relationship with an RPO provider can save organisations considerable time and money – reducing time to hire by over 40% and reducing cost to hire by over 50%.

Not all RPO providers offer the same expertise or service. If you’re considering an RPO solution, here are some questions to ask yourself or the provider, to determine the right partner to deliver on your business objectives.

A great RPO partner...

1. Focuses on quality of hire

Understands that quality of hire is critical to competitive advantage, and can bring the track record, processes, tools and training to attract and select the very best talent for your organisation.

2. Knows how to build and communicate your employer brand

Does the RPO provider have regional or global reach? A provider with reach will be strongly placed to support and accommodate your growth plans over time.

3. Builds sourcing strategies and talent pools that reduce time to fill for business critical positions

Experienced at identifying business-critical roles and building sourcing strategies and talent pools for these roles ahead of vacancies arising, enabling them to call upon top talent quickly when a role becomes available.

4. Demonstrates flexibility and scalability in the services they offer

Able to provide several solutions for scaling the talent acquisition function up and down to minimise cost and risk as your hiring volumes vary throughout the year, as well as providing flexibility in the range of services offered.

5. Reduces your recruitment costs

Can demonstrate a clear path to delivering significant cost savings, through implementing innovative direct sourcing and talent pooling strategies, consolidating use of third party agencies, streamlining processes and reducing reliance on jobs boards. By increasing quality of hire, they will also reduce cost of employee turnover.

6. Knows how to use technology and data insights to drive business improvements

Able to bring market-leading technology and reporting expertise to produce comprehensive dashboard reporting and useful market intelligence to drive continuous improvement and better business decisions.

7. Customises the solution to fit your needs

Able to customise the RPO solution to the unique needs of your organisation, rather than only providing a one size-fits-all model. They can provide both a full form of RPO model and RPO project models.

8. Makes compliance a non negotiable

Ensures policies and processes are documented and adhered to consistently, and recruitment systems are updated with accurate information, to maximise compliance and data integrity while minimising risks.

9. Can provide additional talent management services

Able to advise you on best practice psychometric and behavioural assessment practices and tools, the latest trends in graduate/intern recruitment and strategies for identifying, engaging and developing your high potential talent.

10. Knows your geography

Whether you need a RPO solution for a single country or across multiple countries, your partner should understand the nuances of that location and be able to advise you of the regulatory environment and most effective sourcing channels.

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