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3 things you can do today, to remain in-demand tomorrow

3 things you can do today, to remain in-demand tomorrow

As technology rapidly evolves and job functions change, how do you make sure you remain employable in one, three or five years’ time? 

While you can’t control external factors like the economy, hiring demands and technology changes, you can put yourself in good stead for future job opportunities by keeping up to date – if and when you want to make your next career move.

  1. Keep up-to-date with the latest technology developments in your industry

    We’ve all heard that technology and machines are set to replace certain tasks and jobs. But while there will be replacement of some existing jobs, there will also be a plethora of new roles created, and in many areas, the nature and scope of roles will change.

    To know how this will impact your industry and where the new opportunities may be, you’ve got to be “in the know”.
    • Go to key industry and networking events
    • Invest 10-30 minutes a day reading about new technology
    • Discuss these opportunities and threats with your colleagues and wider network to get their input and ideas.

    You can only be prepared when you know what’s in store for your industry

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  2. Keep up-to-date with the in-demand skills and roles in your profession

    As organisations prepare for the future, they are also thinking about the kind of skills and people they will need. We are finding that, along with technical capabilities and experience, employers are looking for people with exceptional “soft” skills, particularly ones that help them navigate change. Skills like communication, adaptability and a continuous improvement mindset are in high demand.

    Critical thinking remains an important skill in today’s workplace – and is set to be a key skill in tomorrow’s workplace too. In an age where software can analyse and form conclusions, soft skills is where humans have a distinct advantage over machines. You can’t win a typing match against a computer but you can leverage soft skills to negotiate and influence others.

    If you don’t feel confident that you have these soft skills yet, actively seek out ways to pick them up or cultivate them through your next project or day to day work.

    Top soft skills that hiring managers are looking for:

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  3. Adopt a “growth mindset” in every situation

    Whether it’s on the sports field or in the office, some people seem to be more resilient when faced with challenges. Those with a “growth mindset” see challenges as learning opportunities. Meanwhile, people with a “fixed mindset” feel threatened by change and thus are reluctant to learn and grow.

    What is a “growth mindset”? Growth mindset is a belief that abilities can be cultivated through effort, strategies and input from others. As opposed to a fixed mindset which denotes that an individual’s talent and capabilities are fixed or innate, a person with a growth mindset enjoys challenges because they know that they will learn and grow from every trial and situation.

    According to the Harvard Business Review, growth-minded individuals achieve more than those with a fixed mindset, because they worry less about looking smart and focus on learning instead.

    The key to being “growth minded” is simple. No matter where you are in your career, you can develop a growth mindset by asking yourself often: “What can I do in my capacity to grow professionally?” It’s about taking responsibility for your own career progression, rather than relying on others to look after that for you. To apply this in everyday context means that each task, project and role offers you the propensity to learn and develop your skills and career.

    No-one can predict precisely when a role will be phased out or where the next disruption will come from. But when you are focused on learning and growing you will find that you will also be quick to spot opportunities no matter where the future world of work takes you.

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