What's it like working at Hudson?

Hear from some of our recruitment consultants

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What's it really like working at Hudson?

We asked a few of our recruitment consultants to give us an insight into what they used to do, why they chose recruitment at Hudson, and what they like about working here.


Ryan, Consultant - Development

Before Hudson I was studying at university whilst working full time as a major event Security Supervisor – strange transition into recruitment I know, but it meant I developed some really vital people skills!​

When I first joined I was taught which sort of roles we specialise in and what a good or not so good candidate looks like, and I learned from there. I’ve always had a passion for anything that’s cutting-edge or innovative, so the exciting part about working in the Tech & Dig space is that it’s always changing, and you’re constantly learning. I absolutely love this part about the job.


We're very team oriented, and everyone would drop what they are doing to help answer a question, or to find a workaround for a particular issue you may be having. This could be your direct manager, a consultant in a different team, or even the General Manager or Regional Director!

The sense of collaboration is synonymous from the CEO through to the newest consultant.

​I personally couldn’t have picked a better job straight out of university. It throws you in at the deep end, but you’re taught how to swim and become a successful specialist consultant.

Quite simply put, I couldn’t ask for a better environment to work in, or people to work with.


Sita, Talent Sourcing Consultant - Business Support

I decided to pursue a career in recruitment because I really liked the idea of helping others find employment – it’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped someone on their career journey.

I chose to move on from my previous recruitment role and join Hudson for a number of reasons. The united culture, good pay, the opportunity to grow that I didn’t previously have. Hudson truly stood out for the passion everyone brings not only to the day-to-day but for what the company stands for.

Hudson is also the first company that made me think of recruitment as a career. I’ve never met as many recruiters that have stayed with one company for such a lengthy duration.

And I really didn’t understand before actually working here, but the managers really care about their teams and your success – you’re never forgotten.

I’m really looking forward to progressing to senior. My managers ask for my input in terms of what that growth looks like for me beyond that. And I’m attending the Annual Star Awards in Australia this May! It’s a huge achievement and a personal goal I had been working towards since starting at Hudson.


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