Project Manager

Location: New Zealand > Wellington > Wellington Central
Work type: Full Time
  • 11 Month Fixed Term Contract
  • Work on a variety of national and regional design and implementation projects
  • Engage with a range of stakeholder groups across all levels of an organisation

I'm looking for an experienced and enthusiastic project manager to join a team working on a range of people-centric projects with a core focus on safety, rehabilitation and wellbeing improvement. The projects crosses national and regional levels and involves a wide range of stakeholders - from operational staff to senior managemen. As such the ideal person will bring a range of skills in order to get the most out of people, balance risk and reward and drive outcomes. As the role has technical aspects you should be able to bridge the gap between the business and IT phases of the projects.

Key functions of the role:

  • Plan, manage and implement business projects
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure projects are delivered according to time, cost and quality standards or goals
  • Effectively manage resources to ensure successful delivery of objectives and outputs

Experience and knowledge essential for the role:

  • Experience and involvement in development of multiple projects
  • Have experience in utilizing a wide range of project management frameworks and approachs
  • Ability to engage with a diverse range of stakeholder groups

Working closely with the business and technology sides of the organisation, you will be required to build positive and productive relationships. You will have the skills and experience to utilise the BA toolkit; recognise the importance of stakeholder engagement; be self-managing and work independently; be highly organised and bring an understanding and respect for the organisations culture.

If you believe you would be a great fit for this role and organisation apply through the link, or email for more information

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Jack Mason

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