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During turbulent times like these, you need the best talent with the right skills to help you tackle today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. Hudson’s specialist recruitment approach and extensive talent pools mean we can help you find the right people with the right skills and mindset when you need them.

Critical roles you need in during a crisis

Service Desk Technicians

As remote work changes the way employees work, you will see a sharp inrease in the number of IT-related queries and requests as employees learn to adopt new technology.

Policy & Program Managers

As the pandemic unfolds, all organisations will have to stay on top of the latest government regulations to do with the workforce. Policy & program managers will play a pivotal role in brinding the gap between the organisation and the changing landscape.

IT Implementation Engineers

Working closely with service desk technicians, an IT implementation engineer will oversee duties like deploying network, hardware, and software solutions for the company as workers learn to operate in a remote working environment.

Career Transition coaches

Change is daunting for all, particularly for those whose roles have been made redundant or ar being redeployed. Career coaches play an important role in helping employees navigate their changing roles in the new world of work.

Project Managers

As the opearating rhythm is disrupted across industries, there will be a rise in the number of short-term projects and initiatives to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Project managers will play a vital role in helping organisations reach milestones in a timely manner.

Contracting staff

No matter the industry or region you operate in, you never know when you might need a hand or two to meet increased workload or absence of staff. Contracting staff is your answer to temporary help for as long as you need them.

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