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It’s a tough time for New Zealand organisations. The effects of COVID-19 are felt worldwide and organisations are faced with uncertainty and challenges like never before.

While you can’t predict the future, you can equip your teams to navigate the changing landscape and succeed.

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Your people are your key to success today and tomorrow

Nevermind the technology, it’s your people that make a difference to your organisation’s success and longevity in a turbulent market. At Hudson, we believe that your people are your greatest assets for operating through uncertainty. Our specialist recruiters are here to help you find the top talent that will help you succeed.

When your people are ready for tomorrow, you are primed for success

To solve today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities, you need a team that’s agile, growth-minded and resilient. We can help you equip your teams with the skills they need to thrive in a changing market.

Introducing the Hudson Response Crew

We understand that each organisation has its unique set of challenges. Whether you are looking to hire a specialist for a mission-critical project or a contractor for a short time, we can help. As a trusted change partner, we also provide career transition assistance for companies navigating complex change to deliver positive outcomes to affected employees.


The specialists behind your mission-critical projects

Are you looking for exceptional talent to spearhead your top projects? Our specialist consultants can help.

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Response Crew - Contracting

The manpower where and when you need them

Do you need help finding top talent quickly when you need them? We can help you fill a role or two dozen.

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Supporting your team through transition

When roles are made redundant or affected by change, we can help your workforce transition effectively.

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The sessions have put me in the right mindset to take charge. I can see now how I can apply my skills and experiences to a number of different roles within the restructure.
Career Transition Candidate, Brisbane

Your Hudson Team

We’ve brought together our expert team to help out yours.
Whether you need to hire quickly or need to offer your team career transition support, we are here to help.


Roman Rogers

Regional General Manager

Kelly Randall

General Manager

Adam Caccioppoli

Regional Director

Matt Callow

Associate Director

Workforce change

Alternatives to redundancy: the four Rs of managing workforce change

When time is tight and with the imperative to cut costs or patch crucial talent gaps, companies often feel they have no choice but to do it reactively – wasting resources, in-house talent and hard-won morale.

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We’ve helped hundreds of organisations like yours

As a trusted change partner, we provide talent solutions for companies navigating complex change to deliver positive outcomes.