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As data paves the way for innovation, the analytics function is becoming crucial to business’ success. Whether it be innovation through Big Data exploration, story-telling or data analysis, the demand for highly-skilled analytics professionals who can provide organisations with a competitive edge continues to rise.

Hire quickly from a qualified talent pool

Hudson's extensive pool of specialist analytics talent means we are able to quickly find the right person for your next role. Our candidates not only possess excellent data science, analytics and visualisation skills, but have the right blend of critical thinking and innovative skills to interpret insights accurately to facilitate decision making.

Expert advice on hiring trends

Our consultants have specialist market knowledge of analytics salaries, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you attract and retain the best talent at the appropriate remuneration. We regularly host guest-speaker events to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry developments and continue to build our network.

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63% of analytics professionals surveyed are either actively or passively seeking new roles.

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Roles we recruit for:

Customer & Digital Analytics Jobs
  • CRM & Campaign
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital
  • Market Research
  • Pricing
Data Innovation Jobs
  • Data Science
  • Statistical & Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Lab Development
  • Data Engineering & Implementation
Risk Analytics & Data Governance Jobs
  • Data Governance
  • Risk Analytics
Business Performance & Analytics
  • Workforce Planning
  • Strategy
  • Business Performance & Insights
  • Data Visualisation

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Do you know how much analytics professionals are getting paid?

Download our salary guide to access salary ranges for analytics roles in New Zealand.

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