Realign capability

Know where you stand today, so you can deliver tomorrow

Realigning your workforce to handle new requirements is a significant challenge. Companies who adopt subjective approaches to change run the risk of poor resourcing decisions, low engagement and high change resistance. These risks threaten effective workforce planning, realignment and the new strategic vision for your organisation.

When you partner with us, we build a workforce profile to understand where you are today and where you need to be, establishing a road map for your change journey. This data-driven approach helps to reduce subjectivity, allowing you to assess staff impact and make informed, strategic decisions concerning re-skilling, redeployment, resourcing and redundancy ahead of implementing any change processes.

As a result, you manage the people consequences arising from change more effectively and deliver better outcomes for everyone involved.

People-centric realignment that drives you forward

With our support, your workforce planning manages organisational priorities alongside your most valuable assets: people.


Employer benefits

  • Clearly define roles and competencies to support assessment and performance management
  • Understand your training and resourcing requirements through enhanced insights into your organisation's capability
  • Ensure a smooth selection process with support from experienced recruitment specialists
  • Reduce the risk of challenges to resourcing decisions

Employee benefits

  • Enhanced development and career planning enabled by defined roles and competencies
  • Targeted development of future skill requirements
  • Reduced anxiety and uncertainty post-announcement
  • A transparent decision making process

I was promoted to Managing Consultant in just 4 months. From day one, the transparent criteria helped me stay focused on my goals.

Matt, Manager - Talent Management, Queensland

You have to think of the big picture. We’ve employed Project Managers, responsible for bringing the vision to life, and Change Managers who help to communicate the vision and create behavioural change in our organisation.

Dean Davidson

There’s a perfect balance: I feel independent but well-supported by my team. I love the clarity on where your focus is.

Nazifa, Senior Consultant - Business Support, Auckland

I love the satisfaction of placing candidates and seeing the benefit it has not only for them, but for their new company too.

Eimear, Executive Consultant – Business Support, Christchurch

There’s a big focus on quality rather than pushing through deals. We invest big on hiring smart people so we can solve problems as well as achieve results.

Adam, Director - Sales & Marketing, Shanghai

I didn’t expect such a collaborative environment in recruitment. Sharing candidates and clients helps us deliver better results.

Ryan, Senior Consultant – Tech & Dig (Development), Auckland

You need to be resilient and ambitious, but at the same time a real human being who loves building relationships. That’s the key to success at Hudson

Jess, Executive Consultant – Business Support, Auckland

My Hudson Consultant was very knowledgeable about the current market and had great advice. The whole process was seamless.

Engineering Candidate

The Hudson consultant was instrumental in helping me secure a role in Newcastle from interstate. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was sufficiently briefed and ready for my interview. In all, they made the transition so much easier for me.

Architectural Draftsperson, Property Sector

Hudson consultants had a grounded and practical approach to our hiring needs.
They were easy to work with, very responsive and never pushy. Whenever I need to fill a role I am happy to call Hudson.

Director, Industrial Sector

Our contacts at Hudson are responsive to our recruitment needs and have provided us with a range of high calibre candidates to fill our vacant positions.

HR Officer, Government Healthcare

Hudson has demonstrated value to me in being able to quickly relate to what
I’m looking for and translate that experience into candidates who are a perfect fit for the role on offer.

Manager .Net Solutions, Financial Services

Hudson has always helped our team find the best candidates for all our roles. I’ve asked the consultants’ opinion about a few of the candidates they sent through and they were valuable when making the final decision of hiring.

Search Solutions Account Manager Travel

The team at Hudson were able to quickly grasp what we were looking for and put forward a great group of candidates. The process was fast and transparent throughout. Most importantly, we are really happy with the outcome and are now well on our way to reshaping the way we communicate with and deliver our products to our clients.

Marketing Director Professional Services

Working in close collaboration with Hudson, we successfully implemented a strategic approach when procuring individuals to international opportunities. We now attract deeper, stronger candidate pools and more efficiently select and place the overall best-fit candidate to these unique and challenging roles.

Senior Procurement Adviser Government

Hudson is my go-to agent when I need to fill a vacancy. They have proven their ability to hone in on the specific traits and skills that I look for in a prospective employee.

Principal Engineer, Building Services Engineering Consultancy

Hudson has a good understanding of the industry and was able to successfully provide quality candidates at short notice.

Technical Director, Engineering Consultancy

I would like to thank my Hudson consultants for being so proactive and speedy in their responses to my emails and in communications in general. It’s made my life so much easier; they’re professional, easy-going and go that ‘extra mile’ every time. They’re assets to the company. Thank you.

Business support professional

How we can help you navigate change

Define future capability requirements

Develop a framework that defines the future people capability requirements your organisation needs to move forward.

Evaluate current capability

Review your existing capability against new requirements with consulting advice and assessments to determine gaps and identify retraining, redeployment, redundancy and/or resourcing initiatives.

Select for success

Provide the expertise, tools and processes to identify and select candidates with the capability to meet the future requirements of your organisation.

Face the future with confidence

Make your workforce planning a smooth process for both your leaders and employees.

Get in touch with our specialist team today and discover how we can support you and your people towards a new organisational vision.