How you respond to change can define your organisation

Become “change ready”

In the changing world of work, the threat of disruption looms for all industries and companies. By preparing your employees and helping your leaders get into a mindset that’s ready for change, you take a huge step in moving towards the destination
your business is striving for.

Hear how an industry going through a shutdown was able to positively impact not only the lives of their workers, but the whole community.

Is your organisation ready for the changing world of work?

The world of work evolves fast. Do you know if your organisation is ready to respond to change, or are you and your workforce ill-prepared? Find out in our quiz.

How we can help you navigate change

When you partner with Hudson, you enable employees to build a mindset that adapts to change. This means they can then make the most of opportunities and help move your organisation forward.


Benefits for organisation

  • Increase buy-in resulting in faster transitions and adoption of strategy
  • Mitigate the risk of litigation
  • Minimise damage to existing staff engagement
  • Protect your brand from reputational damage

Benefits for organisation

  • Equip employees with strategies and support to plan for the future and find their next job
  • Prepare employees to feel ready for change
  • Equip individuals with practical strategies to deal with the impact of change
  • Support employees to improve resilience and well-being
  • Help employees understand the personal and professional benefits of change

Our track record of delivery


average number of participants supported through change each year


organisations trust us to help support their people during change


clients who rate us 8+ on the NetPromoter survey

The main benefit for us is to see that employees still are able to produce quality products, still keep the engagement levels and they’re still working safely.

Kirsty, HR, Health and Safety Specialist

It is also the positive feedback that attendees have brought back to the unit after attending Hudson’s that have made some people who previously weren’t interested, ask to be referred. This shows that your team are hitting the mark on the provision of service.

Nina, Employment Transition, People & Culture

Definitely give the whole Transition Program a chance. You’ll see that employees really value that sort of support, they remain committed and they remain engaged. We’ve definitely seen that onsite.

Kirsty, HR, Health and Safety Specialist

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