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Skill gaps loom in future workplaces

Hiring managers and employees are not seeing eye-to-eye on the skills that future workplaces will demand.

While 85% of employees are confident they have the skills to perform well in the future, only 52% of hiring managers agree to this. That means 1 in 2 employers doubt their team has the right skills mix for the future.

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The great divide: Just what skills will we need for the future?

Employers and employees are also at odds on just what will be the key skills needed in tomorrow’s workplaces, with employers more concerned with wanting their people more agile, innovative and able to think critically, while their people are more focused on playing catch up – coping with change and managing stakeholders tops their list of the key skills they want in the years ahead.

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Bridging the divide: The Hudson Report | Talent Focus 2016

  • The new Hudson Report analyzes the talent landscape and provides insights on how employers can best prepare for 2017 and beyond
  • Views from over 1,386 employers and employees were canvassed for the research
  • The report points to a significant gap between the views of employees and managers on how businesses are managing innovation, skills and people tackling people development – and the best ways to fix those gaps

Ensure your team is skills-fit for tomorrow:

  • The state of the hiring market today
  • The top skills in demand for future workplaces
  • How to close the gaps in expectations between employers and their people
  • How to embed a culture of innovation and agility that looks ahead of the curve
  • Why building soft skills capability is the new weapon of choice in the talent war
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