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Tight budget? Hire smarter

Tight budget? Hire smarter
Making a good hire is a balancing act. Organisations face continuing pressure to tighten budgets and rein in salaries, so hiring managers are faced with the problem of how to attract valuable talent in the market when they can’t always compete on price.

Yet it’s not always about the salary. By considering other areas of the big picture, from a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to understanding candidate motivations, there are other ways to attract and hire great talent.


Agents for change: Generation X grows up

Agents for change: Generation X grows up
Generation X has long been cast as a generation lacking character and drive – a cohort of ‘slackers’ refusing to fully grow up. Yet new research paints a very different picture.

Unlike the politically active and ambitious Baby Boomers, or the ‘look-at-me’ social media obsessed Gen Ys, Generation X has often had trouble being defined as a collective, with little consensus about what makes them distinctive.





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