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Three kinds of emerging HR tech ideas: which one will be the most disruptive?

As business leaders, we’re used to making data-driven decisions in every facet of our organisations, except, perhaps, for our people.

While the world of work is changing rapidly, there are still aspects where organisations generally do things the way they’ve always been done, such as the way they find candidates for roles, select new hires, and identify and develop top performers.


How organisations can start building the talent they need for the future – right now

How organisations can start building the talent they need for the future – right now
Hudson’s latest research reveals that only one in two employers are confident their team has the capabilities to deliver what will be required in the future. But before we even think about tomorrow’s technical skills and blue-sky predictions, we need to address what we can fix – and change, and enhance, and radically improve – right now.

The new Hudson Report: Today’s workforce demands tomorrow’s skills finds that significant numbers of employers across the Asia Pacific are concerned their people don’t have the skills required to perform in the workplace today, let alone tomorrow.





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