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New Zealand Hiring Expectations - Quarter 2, 2015


Roman Rogers, Executive General Manager, Hudson New Zealand

“For some time both the Canterbury re-build and investment in Auckland have been leading the employment charge, however post-Election we’re now seeing Wellington, led by the resumption of large Government transformation projects, starting to come to the party and signalling a much more balanced hiring landscape across New Zealand.”

Key Findings and Commentary

Permanent Hiring Expectations: New Zealand

  • Hiring sentiment is at its highest level in six years as the demand for new hires becomes increasingly balanced across New Zealand.
  • A net 30.1% of employers across the country intend to increase permanent staff numbers, up two percentage points (pp) compared to the previous quarter, marking it four consecutive quarters of employment growth.

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Permanent Hiring Expectations: New Zealand by Region

  • Hiring sentiment in the South Island remains the strongest nationally, with a net 40.3% of employers intending to increase headcount, down 1.9pp compared to the previous quarter. Canterbury continues to deliver large property and construction projects and roles in demand include quantity surveyors, estimators, civil engineers and project managers.
  • In the Lower North Island hiring sentiment has jumped 5.2pp to a net 22.8%. Roles in demand are those linked to change management, transformation and organisational development and with Wellington ‘Super City’ plans on the horizon1, this demand is expected to continue indefinitely.
  • In the Upper North Island hiring sentiment continues to increase, up 2.5pp with a net 29% of employers intending to increase head count, and up 10.3pp compared to the same time last year. Investment in Auckland’s construction and manufacturing sectors continue to drive increased optimism and employment growth in this region.

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Permanent Hiring Expectations: New Zealand by Profession

  • Nationwide, Property & Construction is the profession with the strongest positive hiring sentiment at a net 59.7% followed by Supply Chain & Procurement at a net 42.2% up 8.4pp from the last quarter. We continue to see a trend in both these professions toward greater efficiency and increasing productivity and we are seeing investment in audit and quality control roles to support this.
  • Hiring sentiments are also strong for Technical & Engineering, Financial Services and ICT with a net 36.5%, 36% and 35.8% (respectively) of hiring managers intending to increase headcount.

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Contracting Hiring Expectations: New Zealand by Profession

  • Contractor hiring sentiment remains constant at a net 14.6%, as employers continue to focus on keeping business intelligence within their organisations and balancing an average target ratio of 75% / 25% contract versus permanent team split for projects.
  • Hiring sentiment in Information, Communication & Technology remains strong with a net 20% of hiring managers intending to increase contract headcount. As advances in digital technologies continue to revolutionise the business environment we are seeing an increase in demand for roles related to business process and enhancing the customer experience.

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About the Hudson Report
The Hudson Report is an established employment trend report, based on in-depth and nationwide research.
Released every quarter, this report highlights key hiring trends gathered from interviews with 1,042 employers in New Zealand.
1 Local Government Commission (2015), A Greater Wellington Council proposed for region, Retrieved March 10, 2015
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