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Helpful Career Advice and Tips to help you land that job

Career advice for job seekers
Helpful career tips and advice

If you’re just getting started you can find information on resume writing, cover letters, networking, interview tips and providing the right references here. Having a solid foundation in all of these areas will help you stand out to a potential employer.

Did you know, often employers spend less than a minute screening a resume, so what can you do to grab their attention? Are you aware of how to make the most of your CV? How are you using business networking to get an interview? Hudson offers answers to these questions and more with their career advice backed by years of experience working with top employers.

Once you get in the door and land an interview, proper preparation can greatly increase your chance of receiving a job offer. Hudson offers insightful interview tips, suggestions on behaviour and style and what to do after the interview. Following our career advice will provide you with the best opportunity to impress a potential employer.

If you're not looking for a new role now, you'll still find plenty of helpful information, like our salary guides, which help you realise your current value and future earning potential, as well as current research and topical papers.

Put our career resources to work for you.



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