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New Hudson study reveals how organisations can identify their top talent and guide them to the C-suite

Sydney – July 8, 2014 – Leadership, personal drive and communication skills are the core attributes of emerging leaders within multinational organisations, according to a report released today by recruitment and talent management specialist Hudson that reveals key traits of high potential individuals.

The report, titled Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Determining the Differences that Matter found that emerging leaders are typically extroverts with strong communication and persuasion skills who position themselves as leaders rather than colleagues. However, they also have an aversion to change and tend to employ traditional approaches to achieve results.

According to the report, which compared over 100 emerging leaders in Australia with over 160,000 professionals and more than 700 C-Suite Leaders from Hudson’s global database, emerging leaders are also personally driven with a conceptual view and vision for the future and a firm commitment to achieving results.

However, to bridge the gap to senior leadership roles, the report found emerging leaders need to better embrace change as an opportunity, have greater confidence in their ability to make the right decision, and use a participative style to bring people with them on the journey.

Simon Moylan, Hudson’s Executive General Manager, Talent Management Asia Pacific said recognition of organisations’ most talented emerging leaders was critical to building a strong talent pool to drive future business growth and development.

“Identifying tomorrow’s leaders is vital for business leaders looking to prepare and evolve their organisation into the future,” he said.

Although the report found that emerging leaders typically possess strong communication skills, Mr Moylan said it was interesting to note that social interaction with colleagues was of less importance.

“What our research shows is that emerging leaders, while they tend to be extroverted, aren’t necessarily interested in socialising with their colleagues; they’re much more focused on driving results and are comfortable working independently,” Mr Moylan said.

“They’re not looking to make friendships, they’re looking to lead – and are confident in doing so.”

The gender divide

While the report found that neither male nor female gender has a monopoly on leadership, it did find distinctions between the typical leadership styles of males and females.

Male leaders for example, were more likely to enjoy thinking about the big picture, be comfortable with abstract concepts and be results driven. Female leaders were more likely to pay attention to social relationships, communicate openly and be more collaborative.

“Neither leadership style is superior however some of the qualities most closely associated with a more female style of leadership could add considerable value in the multicultural working environment typical of many multinational companies,” Mr Moylan said.

“Organisations looking to boost communication and collaboration could consider encouraging more talented women to pursue leadership roles and implement tools for identifying and developing their most talented women.”

The report also emphasises the importance of developing strategies for proactively identifying and fostering emerging leaders’ most important skills and competencies.

“Investing in emerging leaders’ most important skills and competencies now will not only help organisations prepare and grow their talent pools but will also drive engagement and act as a significant retention tool,” said Mr Moylan.

“To this end, all organisations, whether local or multinational, should have a high potential talent management strategy in place, which identifies and supports emerging leaders on their growth trajectory, ensuring they realise their full potential.”

Seven characteristics of Emerging Leaders:

  1. Leadership: Emerging leaders position themselves as leaders, rather than peers or colleagues
  2. Vision: They possess an ability to create a vision for the future
  3. Conceptual: Emerging leaders are managers with impact who are confident thinking at an abstract level
  4. Results focused: Emerging leaders are focused on achieving objectives and results
  5. Communicative: They are extroverts with strong communication and persuasion skills
  6. Driven: Emerging leaders show the necessary personal drive to achieve results
  7. Independent: Emerging leaders are confident working independently and are less interested in building relationships / less socially confident

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Notes to editor

About the methodology of Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Capitalising on access to key senior professionals at the Emerging Leaders in Multinationals Forum, Hudson contrasted more than 100 emerging leaders with a norm group of over 160,000 professionals and over 700 C-Suite leaders from its global database. The comparison was based on the emerging leaders’ voluntary completion of Hudson’s Business Attitudes Questionnaire, developed by Hudson’s Global Research & Development Centre, which is based on the widely recognised ‘Big 5’ personality model. The results indicate an individual’s preferences across personality dimensions; Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Openness, Altruism and Conscientiousness. This questionnaire is used by Hudson consultants and client organisations in assessment and development centres worldwide. It measures 25 aspects of an individual’s business attributes that are known to be predictors of professional performance.

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