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Permanent Hiring Expectations: Upper North Island

Key Findings

  • Two-thirds (66.7%) of employers are intending to keep headcount steady next quarter.
  • 21.0% of employers anticipate increasing staffing levels which is down 4.2pp compared to the previous quarter.
  • The proportion of employers intending to decrease headcount has increased by 2.6pp to 12.3%.


  • Upper North Island hiring expectations remain fairly stable, although are a bit less optimistic this quarter.

    Hiring expectations in the Upper North Island are strongly influenced by consumer demand. While retail spending is up 1.1%, or NZ$195 million, compared with the March quarter20 this is not translating into increasing hiring expectations just yet.

    Internet job advertising increased 6% in Auckland and employment rose 4.3% in June in the Waikato21, so the outlook for the region remains fairly positive.

    20 Car spending boosts retail sales, viewed 14 September 2012.
    21 National Bank, Regional Trends Economics, viewed 14 September 2012.


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