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Permanent Hiring Expectations: Q4 By Industry

Key Findings

  • Over half of employers across all industries are reporting steady hiring intentions.
  • Government is the most positive industry, with 35.0% of employers intending to hire more staff and hiring expectations are up 10.2pp compared to last quarter.
  • Government is also reporting the strongest intention to decrease headcount next quarter (13.5%). Financial Services/Insurance has dropped 7.5pp to 22.4% in terms of positive hiring intentions.
  • Education is up 3.0pp to 26.3% of employers intending to increase headcount next quarter.


  • While consumers continue to pay off debt which will benefit the economy in the longer term, it provides challenges to the retail and services sectors in the short term. Historically low interest rates have not been sufficient to increase consumption14 which is affecting hiring practices.

    The Government result is mixed and could reflect the rebuild in Canterbury as organisations in the South Island continue with business as usual, as well as a high level of project work which is resulting in upswings in hiring intentions. By contrast, the public sector has slashed 555 jobs in the past year and is expected to lose almost 400 more by June 2013. The Government’s cap on civil servants remains at 36,475. According to the Public Service Association the number of unfilled vacancies could be as high as 30.0%.15

    Growing school rolls and rise in retirements is impacting demand for teachers. The Post Primary Teachers Association states more than 2,000 secondary teachers will be needed to meet the increase in demand by 2019. Improving economic conditions could also mean that teacher supply becomes difficult as many secondary teachers seek employment opportunities outside of teaching.16

    14 Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Quarterly Labour Market Report, viewed 10 September 2012.
    15, 555 jobs gone from the public sector, viewed 13 September 2012.
    16 The New Zealand Herald, Teacher Shortage Looms, viewed 13 September 2012.


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